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The 100 Collaborations

2013-01-23 04:22:24 by BlackParchment

By the end of this year I will have finished 100 collaborations with various artists of the newgrounds. I have 2 down, one in progress and 97 to go.

The 100 Collaborations


2012-10-03 05:41:38 by BlackParchment

Anyone wanna collab?


2012-09-27 12:58:56 by BlackParchment

Alright my demographic mothafucks I'm gonna part some wise teeth upon all you. So congrad that chaos theory and the wings of a butterfly have allowed you to stumble to this page.

modes yall
I'm following this now a days


Anyway so party of strangers is a mixture of c dorian and c aeolian.

fuck it I'm too tired to finish this post.

I'm back

2012-09-13 07:03:11 by BlackParchment

I'm back guys. I am going to work hard to make music for you.

I'm studying last night I went over my scales wrote every mode on my door. who knows what I'll do ne

New post

2010-08-29 01:15:26 by BlackParchment

Well it seems I've been trying to get a bigger name for myself. So I've put my music on Triple J(an australian radio station).

I've named myself One Big Hero. I kind of liked the same, and has a nice politician charm with it.

New post

my post I have made

2010-04-30 08:11:46 by BlackParchment

I've made a post